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- About Starlight Ranch -

Ingredient Commitment

We use only natural, organic ingredients purchased from


local suppliers. Our chamomile and lavender are grown on


Starlight Ranch using sustainable growing practices. We


never use pesticides, herbicides, or any animal products in


our soaps and candles. Our soaps are 100% petroleum-

free and cruelty-free.  Our candles are 100%


petroleum-free soy candles and dye free.


Why Organic Oils?


Climate change is real, and whether you think it's human-made or natural, the impact of petroleum exploration, extraction, processing, and consumption pollutes the water, air, and soil. For this reason, we choose to use only organic plant-based oils and soy waxes in our soaps and candles, and our homestead is powered by 100% SOLAR energy. Our products have minimal impact on the environment. We practice circular, regenerative growing practices and apply those principles to our soap and candle manufacturing. Nothing is wasted and we recycle and compost as much as we can so that very little ends up in a landfill. 

In addition to making organic soaps and candles, we also raise organic egg-laying chickens, angora rabbits for wool only, and five children. We would love to hear from you and welcome any suggestions or questions about our homestead or products.

Rob and Dana 

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